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Libertarian Pawlowski Faces Uphill Battle in NJ

Libertarian Jeffrey Pawlowski is facing an uphill battle in this year’s NJ governor race. This recent article in The Suburban lays out how the campaign hopes to have an impact on one of the year’s highest profile races:

Pawlowski said his party is looking to gather 1,600 signatures — double what is needed in order to run — to jump-start his first-ever bid for governor. He said the Libertarian Party is currently raising $30,000 to allow the state chapter to do a nationwide mailing, informing all Libertarians about his campaign.

The ultimate goal, Pawlowski said, is to raise $300,000, the amount required to gain additional funding from the state. If that amount is raised, a candidate is also required to participate in public debates.

“If we can get into those debates, it’s going to make a big difference,” Pawlowski said.

Though he acknowledges the challenges involved in running for the highest political office in the state, Pawlowski said he is looking forward to getting across the message that people will have more than just two choices for governor when they vote in November.

“I think it’s almost impossible to win with the way the system is,” he said. “But sometimes you don’t have to win to change things.”

“Get me into the debates,” Pawlowski added. “If we can get into the debates, we’ll bring up the questions that need to be asked.”

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  1. H. Ryan Says:

    Good luck with the campaign Jeff!

    A great source of experience from running as a Libertarian for Governor is our former 2004 candidate here in Vermont, Hardy Machia.
    His website is:

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