Letter from the Vice-Chair of the NJCP

The following is a letter from Steve Spinosa, the Vice-Chairman of the New Jersey Conservative Party. In his letter, Mr. Spinosa details his interaction with the controversial Brian Phillips, who as of a few weeks ago was removed as chairman of the New Jersey Libertarian Party.

Dear Mr. Cassidy,

I would be happy to explain the NJCP’s involvement with Brian Phillips.

In late 2003, Mr. Phillips and I had extended conversations via email discussing the NJCP and his membership. By early 2004, he had joined the party in ernest and was present at our issues convention, where he made several issue proposals that were accepted. He also accepted the position of Ocean County Chapter Leadership and held two meetings for the purpose of reviving that chapter, one of which I attended.

During this time, he had submitted an essay on conservatism which he wanted us to publish on our website,as well as send out as a letter to the editor. Pat Armstrong, who is our chairperson, told him that she felt the essay wasn’t suitable for our website, but he was free to submit it to newspapers as a letter to the editor (it should be said that everything on our website is cleared by the leadership team first).

Brian was upset and accused Miss Armstrong of being a dictator. I supported our chairperson’s decision as final (It should also be said that all leadership team members have input on decision-making, but the chairman makes the final decision).

Things came to head when Tom Phelan placed his name on the ballot for Congress in the 5th District against Scott Garrett. Brian questioned why would we run against a good conservative like Mr. Garrett. Both Pat and I explained to Brian that we’ve run candidates for office wherever we could find them, no matter who the incumbent was, and that Mr. Phelan had intended to run in his
congressional district (which he thought was either the 8th or the 5th; it turned out to be the fifth).

Brian then demanded that we force Mr. Phelan to step aside & issue an automatic apology to all conservatives in NJ. Pat refused & I backed her up. He then turned other members of the leadership team against Miss Armstrong and myself in an attempt to force us to leave the party.

We refused and he left. Shortly therafter, Kip Webster & Debbie Strong (who Brian had turned against us) also resigned, but not before the three of them used abusive language in a series of emails to denigrate our characters.

In short, Brian Phillips is a person not suited for politics because he doesn’t understand that you don’t always get your way.

As to 2005, the NJCP is running Tom Phelan for assembly in the 37th District(he filed his petitions yesterday), and is pursuing a lawsuit against the state of NJ to get the NJCP certified as a common-law party so we can register conservatives for the first time ever.

Stephen Spinosa
Vice-Chair/Treasurer, NJCP

One Response to “Letter from the Vice-Chair of the NJCP”

  1. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home Says:


    ——Donald Raymond Lake, Founder, Citizens For A Better Vets Home (1998)

    Read the following words carefully, as they will probably not see the light of day in
    the so-call mainstream media. A valiant knee jerk response by ‘Decline To State’
    Independents and smaller party types has saved a vital piece of democracy here in
    the Neo Nazi 21st Century. The current so-called reformist governor of California is
    a former Communist Red Star fascist military cadet from Austria. After defeating
    the other worst governor in state history, Arnold Schwarzenegger then became Gray
    Davis. (Ya never see both of them in the same room at the same time any more!)

    Arnold’s Secretary of State, acting like a corrupt opportunist from the Gray Davis
    Machine, tried to clobber a local four decade old institution of national significance.
    For a while it looked like the illegal Blitzkrieg of the Peace and Freedom Party was
    akin to the original Nazi’s containment of allied forces in Northern France many
    years ago. The Peace and Freedom Party, having been a piece of the cultural
    landscape in California politics since that other overseas military adventure in South
    East Asia, was endanger of unlawful disenfranchisement. This is despite of their
    federal senatorial candidate gathering over 2% of the 2004 vote.

    Like the small ships of England in 1940, the shadowy ‘irregular’ players of West
    Coast politics rushed in to save their comrades. Guided by legal details from San
    Francisco’s Richard Winger and his Ballot Access News, the lovers of true liberty,
    real justice, and fairness for every one flooded the politicians, main stream media,
    blogosphrere, and each other with righteous indignation and secular outrage.

    The bad folks folded like a battered card table. The Democans and the Republicrats
    are the enemies of the every day citizen and the average wage slave. Our allies, our
    Peace and Freedom cousins, can continue as to moan, groan, and gripe EN
    BOLLETTA about the mess that the Big Guys have conned the rest of us into.

    I do not see the Libs (like Winger) or Greens (like 2004 independent/ Nader running
    mate Peter Camejo) holding a fancy Press Conference (with free food and drink for
    the press?). Natural Law types and reform minded citizens are regaining their
    organizational footing.

    ‘Spontaneous’ out rage from the Establishment types are
    scheduled for Mondays and Tuesdays—-not the Weekend! Do not look for these
    words to appear any where but the alternative media. (Not with insider Ron (Son-
    Of- General- Collin-) Powell at the Federal Communications Commission!)

    - 3 0 -