The Confederate Air Force?

Below is a somewhat amusing graphic taken from the Southern Independence Party’s website.

The caption reads: “Is this a beautiful sight? We can long for the day that our skies will be full of such birds when the Confederate States Air Force establishes air supremacy over our free Southern skies. Think big and bold. This is the militia we can have; the State National Guard units of ten or fifteen Southern States who re-affirm their Statehood in the Confederate States of America.”

3 Responses to “The Confederate Air Force?”

  1. es Says:

    when the Confederates get F-15s…well…what confederates? Anyway, if there were Confederates who were to get F-15s…the year would be 2050 and the Union would have laser-spitting flying androids to take them out. :)

  2. Douglas E. Says:

    Why are you making fun of a party? As a news source, I would expect your site to treat all parties fairly.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Douglas: Candidates and parties that act seriously will be treated seriously on this site. Parties like the Southern Independence Party are very difficult to take seriously because of the way they conduct themselves.

    (I did not create this image, it is on their homepage!)

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